Star Wars: Freelancers

Episode 3 Recap

The crew was startled when the Whitepoint Star arrived at the Spice Terminus without Leibo aboard. (Josh) and Sasha (an old friend of Leibo – one of those she contacted to join the crew of the Sapphire Princess) told the rest about the bounty hunter who captured Leibo and hauled her off. GL4D-05, the droid brain of Leibo’s suit, managed to detach and plant a tracking device on the bounty hunter’s ship before it took off. The device is too small to carry it’s own communication equipment, so there won’t be a signal until the ship lands somewhere. With no leads on her whereabouts, the crew decided to carry on with Operation Mynock without her.

After a short briefing aboard the command ship Liberty, the crew was dispatched aboard the captured lander as part of the advance infiltration team. Thanks to some clever thinking, they were able to secure the primary power core without a firefight, giving them ample time to shut down the reactor and rig it with explosives prior to the arrival of the main Rebel attack force. The presence of an unexpected Imperial Interdictor caused the mission commander to change the attack plan, sending half of the boarding forces to the Interdictor instead. The squad designated to commandeer the Action VI bulk freighter Grifnaj was sent to the interdictor along with those forces, causing the responsibility to fall to the crew. Isan and other command crew aboard the Sentinel lander flew it to the Grifnaj, bringing it online. They docked at the storehouse where the weaponry meant for the Sapphire Princess was being held, and loaded all of it, along with a significant amount of spice.

After all Rebel forces cleared the station (including their new Interdictor), the mission commander remotely detonated the explosives around the primary power core, destroying the entire facility. Liberty and the Interdictor departed for an unspecified Rebel shipyard while the transports – flush with loot from the operation – headed back for the Spice Terminus. Grateful for their invaluable assistance, the Rebels paid the crew another 50,000 credits, and began outfitting the Sapphire Princess with a proper armament.

The next day, Kyle Katarn arrived aboard the Moldy Crow with news regarding the large weapon they’d found on Talay. While they still hadn’t managed to get a look at the internals, the specialist knew someone who might be familiar with the peculiar metal it was made of. Kyle found the old prospector in a bar, and got him to open up a bit with a few rounds of Corellian whiskey. The man told him that the stuff was called phrik, and it made metal alloys that militaries were eager to get their hands on. He’d had a claim of his seized by the empire, and was told never to speak of it again. After a few more drinks, the man spilled the name of the place: The Vrikar system. Seventh planet, second moon. Kyle bought the man another round and departed quickly.

While the rest of the crew oversaw the outfitting of the Sapphire Princess, Dane, Sasha, and (Josh) accompanied Kyle Katarn to the Vrikar system to investigate this moon. An initial scan of the moon found nothing, but a closer inspection found a small landing pad cut into the side of a mountain. Not detecting any large power signatures, the Moldy Crow approached and was able to land without being attacked. Their R4 unit was able to override the only door’s controls, opening it to reveal a small operation beyond. The crew was attacked by what appeared to be two large stormtrooper battle droids, equipped with vibroblades and shields. The crew was able to overcome them, along with the Imperial Officer directing them. The facility turned out to be a mining operation, manned by short ugly Imperial slaves. A thorough search turned up a logbook, containing many entries on outgoing shipments, including date, time, recurring serial numbers, a destination code, and a quantity. They rigged the place to explode and set the miners free before taking off and obliterating the mine.

The Moldy Crow hid on the far side of the moon, waiting for the next freighter to arrive and pick up it’s shipment. After a few hours, a freighter jumped into the system and proceeded to low orbit over the moon. It began continually transmitting an encoded message to the surface, remaining stationary. The Moldy Crow quickly intercepted the freighter, which only began to retreat once it was actually under fire. After disabling it, they were startled to find that the ship had no atmosphere or active life support whatsoever. After boarding, they discovered that the ship was entirely automated, there was no crew. They pulled the memory from the ion-disabled R2 unit they’d found aboard, and were able to jump to it’s intended destination while still attached to the bottom of the (significantly larger) freighter.

Arriving at a similarly uninhabited system, they found a massive starship in orbit of a moon only slightly larger than the one they’d just departed. Almost immediately, the large starship began firing it’s turbolaser banks at the Moldy Crow, which was at far too great a distance to hit. They launched several of the new TIE Interceptor models, which began streaking toward the Crow. Kyle took what scans he could of the moon and the starship, then quickly jumped to hyperspace.



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