Star Wars: Freelancers

Episode 2 Epilogue

Epliogue for Episode 2

Near Fort Tusken – Planet Tatooine

SK-722 sighs out of boredom. Assigned to sentry duty, again. He looks over at his post partner, SK-734. They both have standard issue sandtrooper armor, which is really just standard stormtrooper armor with a cooling system added. “At least I’ve got that,” he thinks, looking up at the twin blazing suns overhead. It makes no sense to him to be guarding this particular canyon, one of the many access points to Fort Tusken. Then again, it makes no sense to him that they’re making “war” against the Tuskens at all. Still, he’s a properly trained Stormtrooper, and he won’t be questioning orders, that’s for certain. The strength and peace of the Empire depends on his unwavering loyalty. He looks around the canyon once more, shaking his head slowly. Nothing but rocks out here. Suddenly, he hears a noisy clatter, and his eyes search for the source. A short ways up the path through the canyon, he spots rocks tumbling down a small footpath that goes up into the canyon walls. “I’ll check it out.” He says, walking toward the source of the noise. It’s probably a womprat or something, but it feels good to stretch his legs, and it’s something to do, besides. At the base of the footpath lie a few of the stones that were making the noise, but they’ve since stopped moving. He walks up the path slowly, blaster trained in front of him, ready to shoot anything that moves. He reaches the top uneventfully, and is a little disappointed. He looks around the immediate area, but he sees nothing that would’ve sent rocks skittering down the path. He shrugs, and begins walking back. “Nothing up here,” he radios, “Probably a womprat or something. Who knows.” His partner doesn’t answer, and SK-722 doesn’t think anything of it, until he reaches the bottom of the footpath. Looking toward where they were standing, he sees SK-734 crumpled in a pile on the side of the canyon. He rushes toward him, scanning the canyon for any lurking danger. “This is checkpoint seven alpha, I have a trooper down, repeat a trooper down!” As he reaches the fallen trooper, he realizes that he is still alive. In the sheer stone face of the canyon wall, he sees an impact mark where his armor must’ve struck the wall. SK-722 can’t imagine what could’ve flung him into the wall with that sort of force.

Grey Damsel – Hyperspace

“It won’t be long now,” Rokbar thought to himself. Hiding in a waste chute, Rokbar was the last survivor of those that fled Tak base in one of the half-finished corvettes. He hid himself as the ship was taking off, knowing that one of the monstrosities that attacked the base had gotten aboard. For the next few hours, he occasionally heard heavy blaster fire, or the sickening thud of bodies being slammed repeatedly into bulkheads. The ship was all silent now, though. Occasionally he heard the “clang clang” of metal steps near his chute, causing his heart to stop and his breathing to sound like an orchestra of noise. Every time, though, the steps got further away. He wasn’t sure what would happen now – the ship clearly jumped to hyperspace – but he did not know where they had plotted a course to, if at all. He had come to terms with the fact that he would likely die on this ship, but he remained paralyzed out of fear. It was getting cold now. The giant stormtrooper must have destroyed the life support systems, hoping to kill anyone still hiding on the ship. Rokbar thought back to the sudden attack on their base, the drop pods impacting all over the platform, opening to reveal their gigantic cargo. It took minutes for the base to be completely overrun, and it was a miracle that the Grey Damsel made it off the ground at all. “Fat lot of good that’s going to do me now,” he thought wistfully. Unbeknownst to him, at that moment the ship was intersecting a major trade route, one which would carry the ship to her ultimate resting place.

Crypt below Fort Tusken – Planet Tatooine

A stillness which had lasted thousands of years was broken as a figure emerged from solid rock, wrapped in the traditional garb of the Tusken sand people. Swirls of dust were sent airborne as the figure stepped away from the wall, into the complete darkness of the subterranean chamber. The figure stood still for a moment, head moving slightly as if surveying the darkness ahead. The right hand reached for the opposite wrist, and suddenly the ancient chamber was flooded with light from a wrist-mounted flashlight. The walls were lined with burial recesses, and at the far end stood a statue: a Tusken Raider, foot atop the skull of a monstrous dragon. One of the dragon’s horns were missing from it’s skull, instead sticking through the belly of the Tusken Raider. In his hand, held over his head, was a plain looking silver tube. Behind the statue was a stone sarcophagus, with a small cube resting atop where one might surmise the head to be located. Slowly, the figure walked toward the statue, glancing repeatedly at the silver tube clutched above it’s head. Within a few steps of the statue, the figure froze. A pale blue light was beginning to shine within the cube atop the sarcophagus. Within a moment, a hazy blue figure had materialized next to the statue, looking nearly identical (minus the dragon horn puncture). “A most impressive entrance, young one,” said the glowing blue figure, in a voice muffled by the respirator mask he was wearing. Unwrapping and removing the traditional tusken mask, the glowing figure appeared as an older human man, with wrinkled features. “Now,” he said, speaking in a clear tone, “Remove yours so that I might look upon your face.” The figure offered a respectful bow, and began unwinding the cloth holding the mask on. Upon removing it, the figure shook it’s head, loosing long golden curls of blonde hair. Lowering the mask revealed a young girl with a pretty face. Bowing once more, she spoke, “Greetings, Master. My name is Alyna, and I am a Jedi.”



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