Wiley, Space Coyote

Ship's Pilot of Sapphire Princess


Wiley, Space Coyote (Freelancers) – CL9
Medium Shistavanen [Scoundrel 7/Ace Pilot 2]
Destiny (NPC) | Force 6
Init 14 | Senses Perception 9
Languages: Shistavanen, Huttese
Defenses Ref 30 (flat-footed 25), Fort 22, Will 20
hp 65; Threshold 22
Speed 8 squares
Melee Claws 5 (2d4plus3) or Bite 5 (1d6plus3)
Ranged Blaster Pistol 11 (3d6plus4/2d6plus4)
Base Atk 6; Grapple 11
Special Abilities Starship Surge, Recovering Surge, Elusive Dogfighter, Vehicle Dodge (+1)
Starship Tactics Counter, Skim the Surface, Snap Roll
Abilities STR 9(-1), DEX 21(5), CON 12(1), INT 10(0), WIS 14(2), CHA 8(-1)
Talents Spacer (Spacehound, Stellar Warrior, Hyperdriven, Make A Break For It) and Expert Pilot (Elusive Dogfighter)
Feats Point Blank Shot, Weapon Proficiency (pistol, simple), Skill Focus (Perception, Pilot), Vehicular Combat, Starship Tactics, Starship Surge, Recovering Surge, Fast Surge, Toughness
Skills Initiative +14, Perception +16, Pilot +19, Survival +11
Possessions Blaster Pistol, Flight Suit, Backpack, Utility Belt, Smoke Grenades (3), Lucky Meteor Necklace.


“Coyotes” are Shistavanen breed of scavengers reminiscent of common carrion pack animals found on thousands of different worlds. They are largely disregarded by the galaxy as useless runts, and most are. Wiley is a rare exception to the rule. Though not particularly intelligent or tough Wiley was tenacious in everything he set out to do. He is very light on his feet and never once batted a furry eyelash at danger. Most believe him to be too stupid to be afraid. He loves gambling (and cheating) and will fly anything anywhere if you pay him enough. He once rode a photon torpedo from the surface of Nar Shadda into orbit on a bet. He survived beyond all odds and made a killing in wagers. Should someone make the mistake of crossing him Wiley will track the fool beyond the Outer Rim if necessary to subdue and devour them. It is rumored that, to date, Wiley has eaten members of at least fourteen different sentient species.

Wiley lost his freedom gambling with Kromla the Hutt and ended up working as a personal transport pilot for the Hutt’s enforcers. It was there he made friends with Gui Loknor. Years later Gui bought their freedom from Kromla and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Wiley, Space Coyote

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