Gui Loknor

XO of Sapphire Princess


Gui Loknor (Freelancers) – CL9
Medium Twi’lek [Scoundrel 7/Master Privateer 2]
Destiny (NPC) | Force 6
Init 10 | Senses Perception 9
Languages: Ryl, Lekku, Huttese, Basic
Defenses Ref 29 (flat-footed 28), Fort 26, Will 24
hp 82; Threshold 29
Speed 6 squares
Melee Vibrocutlass 6 (2d8plus3)
Ranged Blaster Pistol 9 (3d6plus4/2d6plus4)
Base Atk 8; Grapple 8
Atk Options Rapid Shot, Ion Master
Special Abilities Veteran Privateer
Starship Tactics Devastating Hit, Explosive Shot
Abilities STR 8(-1), DEX 13(1), CON 17(3), INT 13(1), WIS 11 (0), CHA 17(3)
Talents Smuggler (Art of Concealment, Fast Talker, Hidden Weapons), Slicer (Electronic Sabotage), Privateer (Ion Master)
Feats Armor Proficiency (light), Point Blank Shot, Weapon Proficiency (pistol, simple, advanced melee), Skilled (pilot), Vehicular Combat, Friends In Low Places, Rapid Shot, Starship Tactics
Skills Deception 12, Gather Info 12, Initiative 10, Perception 9, Persuasion 12, Pilot 10, Use Computer 10
Possessions Blaster Pistol, Vibrocutlass, Rouge Trader Outfit, Armored Flight Suit (worn under outfit), Utility Belt w/ holster and sheath, data pad.


Gui’lok’nori was born in Kromla the Hutt’s slave pens. He was a tough little kid and fought, bought, or murdered his way up every single rung of the food chain and eventually became Kromla’s palace quartermaster. As part of his new duties he was in charge of the pens. Despite having grown up as a slave himself he has zero scruples using them. Gui did what he could to improve the quality of life for the slaves but did nothing to free them. “Why throw away such a valuable resource?” He typically responds when confronted by anti-slavery activists. Three decades of service to Kromla had made Gui a rich, but horribly bored, man. The last ten years Gui spent running his own errands, breaking his own legs, and earned a reputation as a man who can get you anything. He also spent an incredible amount of time in the black, once going an entire year among the stars before setting foot planet-side again. He eventually set down on Nar Shadda and bought his (and his pilot’s) freedom from Kromla costing him all but his ship and the cloths on his back. Satisfied with her shiny new pile of money Kromla let Gui and Wiley go peacefully.

Gui was the one who saved Leibo Trint from prostitution when he caught her defying her mistress. He saw a bit of himself in the little Twi’lek girl and that simply wouldn’t do. She’d be coming for his job in a few short years if he didn’t do something about it. It was then he noticed that Leibo was cursing out the irate torture droid in no less than three different languages. He had her transferred out of the harem and educated to become Kromla’s next Court Interpreter. Years later Gui received a package from Leibo (long since freed after Kromla lost her at a casino) containing a few thousand credit chips and a short letter thanking him for making her an interpreter and interesting job offer.

Gui Loknor

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