Mandalorian Mercenary


Anduril was a member of the Skirata clan of the planet Mandalore. When he was a young child, the clan lost a great deal of influence, falling from it’s prominent position. Wishing to protect his clan from being forced to serve a higher clan, the leader of Skirata took his clan to the stars, establishing their own colony on an uncharted moon.

When Anduril became a man, he earned his baskar’gam armor in a traditional Mandalorian rite of passage. As was common for young men of his clan, he decided to leave the colony, in order to make a name for himself and his clan in the galaxy.

After drifting from port to port and being angered by the dishonorable actions of the various crews he served with, he finally found a Captain who he felt could help bring honor to his name: Thanil Nalfion of the Whitepoint Star. He has accompanied them on many missions, and has yet to be asked to do anything which he feels is dishonorable.


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