Star Wars: Freelancers

Episode 3 Epilogue

Bridge – Arc Hammer

Captain Needil watches as two stormtroopers drag away the carcass of his predecessor. He had hoped for a command of his own, but he never expected it to happen like this. When General Mohc learned that a small freighter had jumped into the system attached to one of his ore haulers, he was displeased. When he learned that Captain Frash had allowed them to escape, he was furious. And when General Mohc is furious, someone tends to die. “Commander Kensington,” Needil says. A man nervously looks over from a command station. “Yes, sir?” “I want you to dispatch a Tie Scout squadron, their orders are to track that freighter. Find out anything they can. Emphasize the importance of this task,” the Captain answered, ominously. “At once, sir!” came the response. Needil resists the urge to glance over at Mohc, who is undoubtedly still seething. He sets about ordering heightened security across all of their operations, very much wanting to avoid the fate of the man who’s shoes he now needs to fill.

Sandcrawler Sootana – Jundland Wastes – Planet Tatooine

Grobble takes a step back, crossing his arms. Looking over the massive droid, the little Jawa can’t help but feel a great deal of pride. They’d been picking through this wreckage for days, competing with the other Sandcrawlers who’d been drawn by the crashing starship. It took a lot of trading and haggling, but he’d managed to get all the pieces that were found by other ‘crawlers. It was luck that he owed finding the torso to. The rest of the parts? Pure Jawa skill. Similarly, reassembling the thing was no small task – he’d never seen a droid like this before. His helper, Smiwee, claps him on the back. Speaking in the garbled tongue of the Jawa, he says, “Put in power core. See if work!” Grobble shakes his head, declining his enthusiastic helper yet again. “It work. But not obey. Not even with bolt.” Grobble points at the vaguely stormtrooper-esque helmet. “This Imperial,” he continues, “Shooty droid. Bad.” He frowns, wishing he could see the fruits of his labor – but he knows that it would probably end poorly. “We take to Jabba. He pay good.” Smiwee’s eyes light up at the mention of being paid well, nodding enthusiastically. “Utinni!” he exclaims, causing Grobble to nod and repeat the “Utinni,” with slightly less enthusiasm. The two of them waddle off together, looking for something to eat, as the sandcrawler continues its journey across the desert.

Imperial Capital – Bestine – Planet Tatooine

Governor Neruba hands the small crystalline cube to the man standing in front of him. “Excellent work, Tahnos,” says the casually dressed man. “Where is she now?” he asks. “Downstairs, in the holding equipment you sent,” answers Tahnos. The man turns to leave. “And your end of the deal?” Tahnos asks, before the man has the chance to start walking. The man turns back with a smile. “Already in motion. Hyperspace travel can be such a dangerous thing, wouldn’t you agree, Governor?” Tahnos smiles at the subtle emphasis placed on the word ‘governor’. “Indeed, it can be,” he answers. “She also had this,” he continues, holding out a lightsaber hilt. The man squints at it for a moment, taking it in his hands. He turns it over, evaluating it, before handing it back to Tahnos. “Keep it, as a souvenir. That ancient thing would be worthless in combat, anyway.” Tahnos tucks it away, unable to hide a grin on his face. “And I trust you have a fully equipped interrogation chamber?” the man asks. “Of course I do,” replies Tahnos, his grin widening. “Good,” answers the man. “You may want to have your personnel steer clear for the next several hours.”

Jabba’s Palace – Planet Tatooine

XB-027 is vaguely aware of the several droids that his arms smash to pieces, his hostile action processor permanently fused in an active state. He knows he shouldn’t be smashing them, thanks to the new programming bestowed upon him by the wise and mighty Jabba the Hutt, but he is powerless to stop the hostile action processor. After a few violent seconds pass, something pops in his chest, and his systems click off one by one as they lose power. The last thing he sees before complete power loss is the helmet of a stormtrooper rolling away from a gladiator droid wearing full stormtrooper attire. ‘How unusual’, he thinks, before he is enveloped by the void.

Imperial Dungeon – Bestine – Planet Tatooine

Leibo rotates slowly in the air, suspended by an unusual energy field. She’s not exactly sure how long she’s been like this – days, weeks? It’s hard to tell. With no outside lighting, she can really only tell the passage of times by the meals she is brought, which is not very often. Her stomach growls and she lets out a long, slow sigh. Before it is finished, she hears the screaming again. Her friend, Alyna. She still doesn’t understand why the two are being held in this room together. Perhaps it is the only room that has these energy cages. But why not build them in separate cells? None of this makes any sense. She sighs again. It pains her to hear her friend screaming, but at the same time, she is relieved that she isn’t the one being tortured. Alyna refuses to talk about it when she returns from their “interrogation sessions”, and the man who tortures her refuses to say anything to her at all. Every time he is near, Leibo gets an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her stomach growls again, as if on cue.

Shuttle Tyder – Planet Arkanis

Alexander Julstan sits down in his plush chair aboard the shuttle Tyder. He pulls a datapad from his desk, beginning to read it as the shuttle lifts off of the pad. He detests travelling to Issor to deal with the filthy creatures that inhabit it, but it is one of his duties as the Moff of this sector. He reads the latest reports on suspected Rebel cells on the planet, sighing. Why can these fools not see the peace and order that the Empire brings to them? Why must they continue to force his hand? He begins planning a public demonstration in his mind, executing the Rebel leaders in front of the gathered masses. He reflects on his choices in regards to that planet. The governor is very nearly useless, and tax revenue continues to slip. Surely, he thinks, allowing the natives to continue to operate interstellar business was a bad idea, one which will need to be rectified. As the shuttle departs the atmosphere of Arkanis and begins accelerating toward the edge of the planet’s hyperspace danger zone, the reactor core begins heating to a dangerous level. The sabotaged warning system doesn’t alert the pilots as it should, so when they slide their control levers forward to make the jump to hyperspace, the hypercritical reactor explodes, destroying the shuttle, and killing everyone aboard.

Episode 3 Recap

The crew was startled when the Whitepoint Star arrived at the Spice Terminus without Leibo aboard. (Josh) and Sasha (an old friend of Leibo – one of those she contacted to join the crew of the Sapphire Princess) told the rest about the bounty hunter who captured Leibo and hauled her off. GL4D-05, the droid brain of Leibo’s suit, managed to detach and plant a tracking device on the bounty hunter’s ship before it took off. The device is too small to carry it’s own communication equipment, so there won’t be a signal until the ship lands somewhere. With no leads on her whereabouts, the crew decided to carry on with Operation Mynock without her.

After a short briefing aboard the command ship Liberty, the crew was dispatched aboard the captured lander as part of the advance infiltration team. Thanks to some clever thinking, they were able to secure the primary power core without a firefight, giving them ample time to shut down the reactor and rig it with explosives prior to the arrival of the main Rebel attack force. The presence of an unexpected Imperial Interdictor caused the mission commander to change the attack plan, sending half of the boarding forces to the Interdictor instead. The squad designated to commandeer the Action VI bulk freighter Grifnaj was sent to the interdictor along with those forces, causing the responsibility to fall to the crew. Isan and other command crew aboard the Sentinel lander flew it to the Grifnaj, bringing it online. They docked at the storehouse where the weaponry meant for the Sapphire Princess was being held, and loaded all of it, along with a significant amount of spice.

After all Rebel forces cleared the station (including their new Interdictor), the mission commander remotely detonated the explosives around the primary power core, destroying the entire facility. Liberty and the Interdictor departed for an unspecified Rebel shipyard while the transports – flush with loot from the operation – headed back for the Spice Terminus. Grateful for their invaluable assistance, the Rebels paid the crew another 50,000 credits, and began outfitting the Sapphire Princess with a proper armament.

The next day, Kyle Katarn arrived aboard the Moldy Crow with news regarding the large weapon they’d found on Talay. While they still hadn’t managed to get a look at the internals, the specialist knew someone who might be familiar with the peculiar metal it was made of. Kyle found the old prospector in a bar, and got him to open up a bit with a few rounds of Corellian whiskey. The man told him that the stuff was called phrik, and it made metal alloys that militaries were eager to get their hands on. He’d had a claim of his seized by the empire, and was told never to speak of it again. After a few more drinks, the man spilled the name of the place: The Vrikar system. Seventh planet, second moon. Kyle bought the man another round and departed quickly.

While the rest of the crew oversaw the outfitting of the Sapphire Princess, Dane, Sasha, and (Josh) accompanied Kyle Katarn to the Vrikar system to investigate this moon. An initial scan of the moon found nothing, but a closer inspection found a small landing pad cut into the side of a mountain. Not detecting any large power signatures, the Moldy Crow approached and was able to land without being attacked. Their R4 unit was able to override the only door’s controls, opening it to reveal a small operation beyond. The crew was attacked by what appeared to be two large stormtrooper battle droids, equipped with vibroblades and shields. The crew was able to overcome them, along with the Imperial Officer directing them. The facility turned out to be a mining operation, manned by short ugly Imperial slaves. A thorough search turned up a logbook, containing many entries on outgoing shipments, including date, time, recurring serial numbers, a destination code, and a quantity. They rigged the place to explode and set the miners free before taking off and obliterating the mine.

The Moldy Crow hid on the far side of the moon, waiting for the next freighter to arrive and pick up it’s shipment. After a few hours, a freighter jumped into the system and proceeded to low orbit over the moon. It began continually transmitting an encoded message to the surface, remaining stationary. The Moldy Crow quickly intercepted the freighter, which only began to retreat once it was actually under fire. After disabling it, they were startled to find that the ship had no atmosphere or active life support whatsoever. After boarding, they discovered that the ship was entirely automated, there was no crew. They pulled the memory from the ion-disabled R2 unit they’d found aboard, and were able to jump to it’s intended destination while still attached to the bottom of the (significantly larger) freighter.

Arriving at a similarly uninhabited system, they found a massive starship in orbit of a moon only slightly larger than the one they’d just departed. Almost immediately, the large starship began firing it’s turbolaser banks at the Moldy Crow, which was at far too great a distance to hit. They launched several of the new TIE Interceptor models, which began streaking toward the Crow. Kyle took what scans he could of the moon and the starship, then quickly jumped to hyperspace.

Episode 3 Prologue

Bridge – Grey Damsel

XB-027 steps through the mangled remnants of the blast doors leading to the bridge, sweeping the room with his sensors. After concluding that the noises coming from the bridge are not being caused by a living threat, his hostile action processor shuts down, allowing his normal droid brain to resume control. He watches with something resembling curiosity as red warning lights flash on displays all over the bridge. He tilts his head to the side slightly as the distant brown orb on the viewscreen continues to grow larger and larger. He feels an internal sort of satisfaction, knowing that his mission is complete: Those rebels who attempted to escape aboard this vessel were all killed. He clicks his visual feed over to review the death of each crewmember, watching for ways in which he might have done so more efficiently, or with less risk to himself. Several cycles pass and he feels a slight shudder. He clicks his visual back to realtime as the hostile action processor begins warming up. He wonders why the viewscreen is suddenly glowing red, with flames licking across it, as the HAP takes over, executing a standard threat assessment subroutine. As he mindlessly rampages across the ship searching for threats, the Grey Damsel slams into the Jundland Wastes on Tatooine, scattering debris and wreckage across several kilometers of desert.

Minersport – Mon Gazza

Leibo walks casually through the port district, glancing about cautiously. She’s not sure why, but she can’t shake this feeling of dread. Ever since they landed on this dusty rock, something has been nagging at the back of her mind. She scans the crowd she’s walking through, looking for anything amiss. But on a planet filled with smugglers, pirates, and criminals, what does amiss look like? She sighs, trudging on toward the docking bay where the Whitepoint Star is landed. With each step taken, her dread grows. Pulling up her remote link to the ship, she views the security feed surrounding the ship, but sees nothing unusual. The two crew members remaining on the ship are hanging out in the lounge, eating. This serves to put her a little more at ease, though the feeling is far from gone. For a moment she even wishes the oafish Anduril was with her, with his powerful armor. She dismisses the absurd notion, and presses on, deciding to get off of Mon Gazza as quickly as possible. As she steps through an arching doorway into the complex where the docking bay with the Star is located, a red warning message flashes across her display, and she hears the distinctive whine of charging capacitors for what feels like a half of a heartbeat. Her legs react quickly, but not quickly enough, as a massive blue cloud of energy erupts from beneath the ground. Her reaction is enough to prevent the snaretrap from grabbing her, but the blast of energy managed to catch her legs, sending blue lightning racing all over her suit. Likewise, the energy sent her into a forward flip, legs landing hard on the other side of her. As dust settles all around her and numbness creeps from her legs up her torso, she manages to roll over and draw her bowcaster. Through the cloud of dust, the outline of a hulking figure becomes visible. With her display dead, she trains her bowcaster on the shadow. It moves into a sprint, emerging from the cloud to leap over her. She sees a tall, muscular Trandoshan outfitted in a dark black metallic armor. She hears what might be servos powering his movements as he leaps over her, with a long black maul in his hand. She rolls over quickly, firing a few shots from the bowcaster as she attempts to aim it at her attacker. A vicious swing of the maul sends her bowcaster flying across the empty bay. He swings it around and over his head, and she again hears the whine of capacitors charging as blue energy cackles around the head of the maul. As he sends the head of the maul into her chest with a crushing blow, the world turns blue, then black.

Tomb Beneath Fort Tusken – Tatooine

Alyna brings the blade of the lightsaber around just in time to catch the stone hurtling toward her, vaporizing it. “Very good,” the ethereal projection of a long-dead Jedi Master says. “But I’m afraid that was my last rock.” Alyna nods, shutting down the crackling, unstable blade of the ancient lightsaber. She reaches down, painfully feeling the welts covering most of her body. When this lesson started, he had many rocks. She wasn’t sure how a holocron projection was able to fling stones at her, but the pain told her they were as real as she was. Initially, she had protested: Her Master (and grandfather) told her that she was never to carry a lightsaber. It was a dead giveaway to what she was, and a true Jedi, he said, could resolve any conflict without one. They had argued over the matter many times, but she always wound up giving up. He was very persuasive, and he had kept them alive all this time, after all. Still, part of her had always known that she would need one sooner or later – eventually the Empire’s thugs would find her, and she did not intend to go without a fight. So when this holocron Master told her he was going to teach her the arts of the lightsaber, she told him what her grandfather had said. Master Dorantil Tordis said that he would talk to her Master, but in order to reach him, she may need to use a lightsaber to defend herself – and the holocron she’d be carrying. So she agreed, somewhat happy that she’d finally get to feel the blade of a Jedi Knight in her hands.

Clipping the saber to her belt, she asked, “What now, Master?” The projection paced for a moment, considering. “I believe it is time that I meet this grandfather of yours, and advise him on how best to restore order to the galaxy.” He shakes his head sadly, “The Jedi Order may nearly be extinguished, but we can restore it. You must get this holocron to your grandfather safely. The future of peace and order in the galaxy may depend on it.” With that, the projection slowly fades away, leaving Alyna alone in the dark tomb. She picks up the deactivated holocron, tucking it into a pouch inside of her garment. She wraps herself back up in the garb of a Tusken Raider before shifting through a solid wall, leaving the tomb in silence once more.

Imperial Capital City Bestine – Tatooine

“The time has come,” comes the words from a hologram of a hooded man. “Docking bay 942C in Mos Eisley in exactly 4 hours and 23 minutes,” the voice continues. “Use the equipment we sent you. Do not fail in this.” Tahnos Neruba nods, answering, “I won’t.” Without another word, the hologram deactivates, leaving Tahnos to his thoughts. He stands, looking through his large window thoughtfully. His heart begins to race – all of his work is coming to fruition. He dismisses thoughts of the rewards awaiting him, and focuses on the task at hand. He turns around, pressing a button on the intercom on his desk. “It is time. Tell Commander Morkas to have the lander waiting for me in 30 minutes. We’re going to Mos Eisley.” He strolls out of his office at a brisk pace, going to change into combat gear.

Episode 2 Epilogue
Epliogue for Episode 2

Near Fort Tusken – Planet Tatooine

SK-722 sighs out of boredom. Assigned to sentry duty, again. He looks over at his post partner, SK-734. They both have standard issue sandtrooper armor, which is really just standard stormtrooper armor with a cooling system added. “At least I’ve got that,” he thinks, looking up at the twin blazing suns overhead. It makes no sense to him to be guarding this particular canyon, one of the many access points to Fort Tusken. Then again, it makes no sense to him that they’re making “war” against the Tuskens at all. Still, he’s a properly trained Stormtrooper, and he won’t be questioning orders, that’s for certain. The strength and peace of the Empire depends on his unwavering loyalty. He looks around the canyon once more, shaking his head slowly. Nothing but rocks out here. Suddenly, he hears a noisy clatter, and his eyes search for the source. A short ways up the path through the canyon, he spots rocks tumbling down a small footpath that goes up into the canyon walls. “I’ll check it out.” He says, walking toward the source of the noise. It’s probably a womprat or something, but it feels good to stretch his legs, and it’s something to do, besides. At the base of the footpath lie a few of the stones that were making the noise, but they’ve since stopped moving. He walks up the path slowly, blaster trained in front of him, ready to shoot anything that moves. He reaches the top uneventfully, and is a little disappointed. He looks around the immediate area, but he sees nothing that would’ve sent rocks skittering down the path. He shrugs, and begins walking back. “Nothing up here,” he radios, “Probably a womprat or something. Who knows.” His partner doesn’t answer, and SK-722 doesn’t think anything of it, until he reaches the bottom of the footpath. Looking toward where they were standing, he sees SK-734 crumpled in a pile on the side of the canyon. He rushes toward him, scanning the canyon for any lurking danger. “This is checkpoint seven alpha, I have a trooper down, repeat a trooper down!” As he reaches the fallen trooper, he realizes that he is still alive. In the sheer stone face of the canyon wall, he sees an impact mark where his armor must’ve struck the wall. SK-722 can’t imagine what could’ve flung him into the wall with that sort of force.

Grey Damsel – Hyperspace

“It won’t be long now,” Rokbar thought to himself. Hiding in a waste chute, Rokbar was the last survivor of those that fled Tak base in one of the half-finished corvettes. He hid himself as the ship was taking off, knowing that one of the monstrosities that attacked the base had gotten aboard. For the next few hours, he occasionally heard heavy blaster fire, or the sickening thud of bodies being slammed repeatedly into bulkheads. The ship was all silent now, though. Occasionally he heard the “clang clang” of metal steps near his chute, causing his heart to stop and his breathing to sound like an orchestra of noise. Every time, though, the steps got further away. He wasn’t sure what would happen now – the ship clearly jumped to hyperspace – but he did not know where they had plotted a course to, if at all. He had come to terms with the fact that he would likely die on this ship, but he remained paralyzed out of fear. It was getting cold now. The giant stormtrooper must have destroyed the life support systems, hoping to kill anyone still hiding on the ship. Rokbar thought back to the sudden attack on their base, the drop pods impacting all over the platform, opening to reveal their gigantic cargo. It took minutes for the base to be completely overrun, and it was a miracle that the Grey Damsel made it off the ground at all. “Fat lot of good that’s going to do me now,” he thought wistfully. Unbeknownst to him, at that moment the ship was intersecting a major trade route, one which would carry the ship to her ultimate resting place.

Crypt below Fort Tusken – Planet Tatooine

A stillness which had lasted thousands of years was broken as a figure emerged from solid rock, wrapped in the traditional garb of the Tusken sand people. Swirls of dust were sent airborne as the figure stepped away from the wall, into the complete darkness of the subterranean chamber. The figure stood still for a moment, head moving slightly as if surveying the darkness ahead. The right hand reached for the opposite wrist, and suddenly the ancient chamber was flooded with light from a wrist-mounted flashlight. The walls were lined with burial recesses, and at the far end stood a statue: a Tusken Raider, foot atop the skull of a monstrous dragon. One of the dragon’s horns were missing from it’s skull, instead sticking through the belly of the Tusken Raider. In his hand, held over his head, was a plain looking silver tube. Behind the statue was a stone sarcophagus, with a small cube resting atop where one might surmise the head to be located. Slowly, the figure walked toward the statue, glancing repeatedly at the silver tube clutched above it’s head. Within a few steps of the statue, the figure froze. A pale blue light was beginning to shine within the cube atop the sarcophagus. Within a moment, a hazy blue figure had materialized next to the statue, looking nearly identical (minus the dragon horn puncture). “A most impressive entrance, young one,” said the glowing blue figure, in a voice muffled by the respirator mask he was wearing. Unwrapping and removing the traditional tusken mask, the glowing figure appeared as an older human man, with wrinkled features. “Now,” he said, speaking in a clear tone, “Remove yours so that I might look upon your face.” The figure offered a respectful bow, and began unwinding the cloth holding the mask on. Upon removing it, the figure shook it’s head, loosing long golden curls of blonde hair. Lowering the mask revealed a young girl with a pretty face. Bowing once more, she spoke, “Greetings, Master. My name is Alyna, and I am a Jedi.”

Episode Two - Dark Evidence

Star Wars: Freelancers

Chapter One: A Long Shadow

Episode Two: Dark Evidence

While waiting on Mon Gazza for their ship’s new identity, the crew receives a panicked message from Mon Mothma. An alliance base has been attacked by an unknown Imperial weapon, and presumably been captured. The crew is told to rendezvous with Kyle Katarn and assist him in his mission to investigate the attack, and prevent the Imperials from recovering any Rebel secrets from the base.

The crew gathered equipment for the mission and loaded up in Katarn’s ship, the Moldy Crow. They approached from the far side of the planet Talay, setting down on an abandoned fishing city. Kyle’s co-pilot Jan remained with the Moldy Crow while the crew loaded into a Sorosuub submersible water speeder, heading at once for Tak Base.

On approach to the base, the crew spotted two Sentinel-class heavy landers, guarded by E-Web emplacements. They deployed their floating equipment platform, ready to jam the Imperial’s communications at a moment’s notice. The speeder docked with an old maintenance airlock several levels below the waterline, allowing the crew to slip into the base unnoticed. The crew lined the abandoned lower levels with explosives, preparing to sink it and take any rebel secrets to the bottom of the ocean with it.

They used an old access ladder to climb up to the active levels of the base, emerging in what used to be housing for the Mon Calamari technicians that manned the shipyard. They found dead bodies everywhere, brutally slaughtered by very heavy blaster fire. Where the weapon fire struck walls, small lines of molten metal seem to have run down below them, indicating a blaster producing much hotter projectiles.

Leibo found a datapad on the body of a dead technician indicating that two of the Mon Calamari Corvettes being produced by the shipyard were ready for spaceflight, lacking only in turbolasers. The shipment of turbolasers was nearly a week past due, with no indication as to why. The crew peered out over the shipyard and noticed that one of the indicated corvettes was missing. A plan was made to secure the spaceworthy corvette by attacking the two landers, possibly even capturing them.

Leibo and Isan made for the corvette while Dane and Vehelik attacked one of the landers. Anduril and Kyle Katarn provided overwatch from higher up in the city. As they reached the command center of the base, they discovered that turbolift doors had been torn open seemingly by giant arms, and a massive blaster cannon was lodged in a control panel. Anduril and Kyle were able to get it loose by working together. With no time to look it over, they activated the twenty minute timer on the explosives below, and then remotely activated the jamming platform.

A heavy firefight ensued, between the crew and the stormtroopers occupying the base. The crews of both landers were overrun, while Leibo and Isan managed to secure the prototype corvette, taking two captives in the process: a stormtrooper, and an Imperial intelligence officer. Anduril crashed one of the landers into the central part of the floating city to crush some of the stormtroopers firing on Dane, who was securing the other lander. He managed to keep the lander airborne, though, shearing off the bay door and ramp in the process.

Dane secured the crew of the undamaged lander, while Kyle brought down the mysterious weapon they found in the command center. They lifted off, fired upon the city, and made for orbit. Out of the range of the jammer, the crews decided to rendezvous in deep space, away from the planet…

Adventure 1.5 Log

In a meeting with Mon Mothma, the crew was thanked for bringing their officer home, and offered work as freelancers, working for the Rebellion on a case-by-case basis. The crew agreed (some more reluctantly than others), and was informed that they are wanted by the Empire for their actions on Sullust. Mon Mothma told them that the nearby shadowport on Mon Gazza has the equipment needed to retrofit the Whitepoint Star with a new identity, so that they might travel freely. Virnak, the former captain’s first mate, informed the rest of the crew that he’d be staying on Hoth in order to join with the Rebellion. Begrudgingly, Leibo took command of the Whitepoint Star.

After collecting payment for their services, and a small retainer fee, the Star departed Hoth, bound for Mon Gazza. Setting down in the shadowport of Minerstown, they sought out the services of someone capable of generating a new identity for the Star. After a day of making contacts and rubbing elbows, the crew found a Toydarian by the name of Gruzzo, who informed the crew that he could make the necessary modifications. The price was high, and it would take several weeks, but the crew agreed that this is a small price to pay to not have Imperials chasing them down everywhere they travel.

Once that matter was settled, the crew began seeking out a new pilot. They made contact with a friendly Sullustan named Isan in a dive bar, who claimed to be quite the pilot. After sharing a strange green beverage, the crew collectively began to see a green dragon, who encouraged them to drink more of the beverage. A raucous night ensued, with the crew (at the dragon’s behest) tracking down a warehouse where large quantities of the beverage were stored. After breaking in and stealing a pallet of bottles of the drink, the crew began to head back to the ship, treasure in hand. Before they could leave, the dragon convinced Anduril to fire upon the stills where the drink was distilled. The warehouse/distillery went up in a massive fire, gutting the structure, and (hopefully) concealing any evidence that the crew was there. The crew returned to the ship, celebrating by drinking even more of the green liquid. The party lasted long into the night, and everyone wound up falling asleep extremely drunk…

Episode 1 Epilogue
Epilogue for Chapter One, Episode One

Echo Base – Planet Hoth

Stohn slowly descends the ramp of the Whitepoint Star into the icy hangar bay. Almost immediately, vapor from his slow breathing is visible. Standing near the bottom of the ramp, Mon Mothma and Princess Organa somberly wait to speak with him. “What happened?” Leia demands, almost immediately. “I don’t know,” replies Stohn, “as soon as the convoy was assembled and ready to go, an Imperial armada jumped out of hyperspace, trapping the convoy with their interdictors.” Mon Mothma and Leia stand in stunned silence, not sure what to say next. Tears can be seen welling up in Mon Mothma’s eyes before she shakes her head, pulling herself together. “Not here,” she says. She looks to Leia, “Assemble high command in the conference room.” She then tells Stohn, “Please join us there, we have much to discuss.” She looks to Virnak and Leibo, the only two to have exited the ship with Stohn. “I understand that you have cargo for us?” she asks. Virnak nods, replying, “Yesss ma’am. Medical equipment and military suppliessss.” She nods, “This will be supremely helpful to us, thank you so much. And thank you for bringing our officer to us. The medical supplies are needed most urgently, we must begin unloading them at once.” Virnak nods, “Of courssse. My crew will asssisssst you in this endavour.” Mon Mothma smiles, “A bright point in this otherwise dark day. Once the supplies are unloaded, please feel free to treat your crew to a hot meal in our mess hall.” Virnak nods, “Thank you, you are a most gracioussss hosssst.” Mon Mothma smiles once more and offers a slight bow, departing the hangar bay to head to the meeting of the Alliance High Command.

Imperial Capital City Bestine – Planet Tatooine

“The latest report from Base Foxtrot, sir,” says the pretty blonde assistant as she hands a datapad to Governor Neruba. Seated at his desk, he skims over it for a moment, before letting it fall to the desk with a clatter. “How many fucking tuskens are there are on this miserable planet?” he asks, rubbing his forehead. “Send a request to the Moff for more stormtroopers,” he says. She looks at him questioningly, “Sir, I thought you didn’t want the Moff to find out about this operation?” He waves a hand dismissively, “The Moff has been hearing reports that Tusken Raider attacks are down planet-wide. Simply inform him that we’ve stepped up patrols and we’re attempting to bring this planet more tightly under Imperial rule. In order to continue to do so, we need more stormtroopers.” She nods, “Yes sir.” As she quickly departs the Governor’s company, she begins mentally preparing herself for a conversation with Moff Tirksis. Before she reaches the door, he interrupts her train of thought with “One more thing.” She stops, turning to look at him. “Tell the bounty hunter that I’d like to speak with him.” She raises an eyebrow, and Tahnos presses a button on his desk, starting a holographic security camera feed above it. The feed shows the crew of the Whitepoint Star escaping from the starport on the planet Sullust. He presses another button, zooming in on the image of Leibo dashing toward the ship’s ramp. “I found her,” he says. His assistant nods and exits the room as he once more turns to stare out the large window in his office.

Tusken Encampment, Jundland Wastes – Planet Tatooine

A cloaked, hooded figure slips between two Tusken tents in the dark of the night. The figure stops for a moment, hood moving as though it is surveying the camp. In a sudden blinding flurry, the figure rapidly dashes through an open space toward another tent, disappearing into the darkness in the back of three tents. A raider notices the movement and howls loudly, running over toward the commotion. Two other raiders converge from between the tents, blocking every possible exit. When they arrive, they howl loudly as they see nothing at all. They quickly search each of the three tents, despite the fact that the entrances were observed the entire time. The raider who first spotted the commotion emerges from one of the tents holding up a plain brown robe, howling loudly into the night. Inside, he found no other evidence that someone had been there…


The official seal of the Imperial Security Bureau is displayed

A voiceover begins, “Earlier this week, a group of terrorists known to be associated with the hate group “Alliance to Restore the Republic” got in a firefight with Imperial forces in the starport district of Minersport on the planet Sullust.”

The seal spins away and is replaced by security footage showing people being carted out of a bar on stretchers, many with very obvious blaster wounds

The narrator continues, “These terrorists are wanted for questioning by the ISB for any possible connection to the terror attack which destroyed the planet of Alderaan, as well as the Imperial Orbital Mining Station.”

The image transitions to an image of the Whitepoint Star before cycling through an image of each of the crewmembers

“If you have any information on their whereabouts, please report it to your nearest COMPNOR office. You may also submit anonymous tips via our Holonet anonyline. These terrorists are considered armed and extremely dangerous.”

The security feed transitions to a stylized logo of a pair of eyes peering out of a cloak

“Remember citizen: if you see something, SAY SOMETHING! Only your diligence can prevent another tragedy like Alderaan.”


Episode One - A New Beginning
A new beginning for the crew of the Whitepoint Star...

Star Wars: Freelancers

Chapter One: A Long Shadow

Episode One: A New Beginning

While waiting for the Imperials to inspect the ship, the crew decided to open one of the cargo containers and inspect it’s contents. The container they opened contained several tanks of stolen Imperial military-grade bacta. They quickly devised a plan to stash the tanks in a hidden smuggler’s hold, and filled the original container with various material which matched the falsified manifest provided by Jabba’s lieutenant.

After scanning the ship, the Imperial Customs Corvette announced it would be boarding, and sent over a party consisting of a single Naval officer and several stormtroopers. While a few stormtroopers searched the ship, Anduril attempted to nonchalantly lean against one of the containers, as if trying to prevent it from being opened. Naturally this was the container that the officer decided to inspect, and he opened it, discovering that the contents matched the manifest. After he decided to inspect another container, Sean talked him out of it. The stormtrooper’s search of the ship found nothing but a small container of illicit spice, which the officer threw on the ground. Satisfied, the officer and his stormtroopers began to depart. Suddenly, the Interdictor fell under Rebel attack, and the Whitepoint Star quickly fled the area.

After a short journey to the Lok system, the crew set down at a pirate stronghold in order to seek out the recipient of Jabba’s cargo. They found someone at a cantina outside the stronghold who knew where the recipient was, but would only take the crew there in exchange for transportation off of the desolate planet. During this time, several gamorreans started a fight with other members of the crew, and a full-on firefight ensued. After defeating their attackers, the crew retreated to the ship and took off for an installation on the other side of the planet. As the cantina burned, the pirates turned their turrets on the fleeing ship, but were unable to land any shots. The few fighters they were able to scramble in response did not reach the Whitepoint Star before it crossed into the airspace of the installation hey were fleeing to, so they broke off their pursuit and returned to their stronghold.

After announcing that they were bearing cargo for Zell Darklighter, two IRD-A Superiority Fighters escorted the Whitepoint Star to a small corporate research facility belonging to StarForge Industries. Zell met with the captain and crew, inspecting the contents of the cargo hold. He asked the crew to deliver the cargo to the Rebel Alliance, in exchange for a sizable sum of credits and a replacement for the blaster turret which had been sold off. After some discussion, the crew agreed to his terms. The crew stayed overnight while one of their members was healed in a bacta tank, and StarForge techs helped the crew install a quad blaster cannon turret on the Whitepoint Star. Zell did not know where the Rebels were, but knew of a contact on the planet Sullust. StarForge also provided the crew with a full tank of fuel and restocked their food stores before the ship departed their facility.

After an uneventful trip to the planet Sullust, the crew split up to search for the Rebel contact. The Captain and co-pilot were asking north of the port, and were directed to someone who turned out to be an Imperial Intelligence Officer. The Captain was arrested and the co-pilot was shot during the ensuing firefight. After being treated at a hospital, Virnak and the crew decided that getting arrested or having the ship impounded would not help the captain break free of Imperial custody, so they took off to rendezvous with a Rebel convoy at the planet Derra IV. As they ran toward the ship, they spotted some stormtroopers speaking to the dockmaster. The stormtroopers ordered them to halt, and immediately opened fire when the crew didn’t. The crew blasted one stormtrooper and took off, evading a pack of TIE fighters sent to stop them.

En route to Derra IV, the ship experienced a hyperdrive malfunction, and landed on a small remote world to seek repairs. The people of this world were very hospitable, but did not have to required repair part. While waiting the several days it would take for a supply ship to arrive with the part, the crew investigated the damage to the ship. It appeared as though it could only have been a deliberate act of sabotage. A thorough sweep of the ships computers and droids revealed nothing helpful, as if whatever program initiated this thoroughly scrubbed the logs and removed any remaining bits of itself from the computer banks. The crew also decided to investigate the cargo given to them by StarForge, opening the cargo containers. Inside they found very specific items tailored for an icy world, including airspeeder retrofit kits, grappling cables, and an ionizing coil for a planetary ion cannon. There was also general military-grade weaponry for the Rebels. Unsure of what to make of this, the crew closed up the containers, and patiently waited for the replacement part to come in. Once installed, they were able to leave the planet, making the short jump to the Derra system just hours after the rendezvous time.

Upon arriving at Derra IV, the crew discovered that a massive debris field was all that remained of the Rebel convoy. A search of the wreckage revealed that absolutely nothing remained, and only a raw metal junker would be able to extract anything of value from it. A radio contact from the surface was revealed to be Stohn Jeveson, a Rebel Officer. The crew landed at his site, a former storage cache for the Rebellion. The crew agreed to give him transportation to the Rebel base at Hoth, where they would also deliver the cargo from StarForge Industries. After packing up what meager communication gear and supplies were left, the crew quickly departed the planet, before the Imperials could have a chance to give the planet another sweep.

After a complicated series of jumps designed to prevent any tracking, the Whitepoint Star arrived at the planet Hoth, home to the secret Rebel base. Upon landing, Mon Mothma and Princess Leia Organa were waiting in the hangar bay to hear Stohn’s account of what happened to the convoy…

Freelancers Chapter One
A Long Shadow

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars

Freelancers – Chapter One

A Long Shadow

It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.

Searching for any evidence of support for the Rebellion, the Empire has begun cracking down on free enterprising merchants throughout the galaxy. This has pushed many otherwise honest freighter captains into the hands of the Hutts, who have valuable illicit cargo to sneak past Imperial inspection points.

Thanil Nalfion, captain of the WHITEPOINT STAR, has been stopped by an Imperial customs corvette. Knowing that their cargo is illegal, he and his crew anxiously await the results of the Imperials’ scanners…

Chapter One Prologue - Part One
Part one of the Chapter One Prologue

Chapter One – A Long Shadow

Prologue – Part One of Two

Jundland Wastes – Planet Tatooine

A Z-11 Cargo Speeder skims across the rocky wasteland, the open bed loaded with numerous cargo containers bearing the Imperial Crest. Two Imperial stormtroopers stand at the back of the bed, each holding on to a vertical post with one hand. In the cabin, a clean-cut human drives, while a grungy looking one rides shotgun. “Hey boss, how are you gonna spend all dose shiny ImpCreds you get from dis job?” the passenger asks the driver. “Let’s finish the job before we worry about spending the money, eh?” the driver shoots back. The passenger shrugs and leans back in his seat, “Jes’ tryin to pass the time… How much further we got?” The driver rolls his eyes, “A couple more hours. That detour around the blocked-off canyon set us back two hours, now we’ll be lucky to make it to the Imperial base by nightfall.” The passenger, Gren looks out the window nervously. “We better hurry ap then, dontcha think?” The driver looks over, irritated. “You know I’m going as fast as I can,” he replies. Gren looks back at the driver, “I know uv a shortcut, get us back on schedool.” Reg’s head whips over as he looks at Gren, “Are you serious? How much of a shortcut are we talking?” Gren grins, “A couple uv hours. Settlar’s pass, itz called. Thens we don’t hafta drive around the Razorpeaks range. Reg looks at Gren suspiciously. “Are you sure?” Gren nods emphatically, “Yeah boss, it’s an old smugglers secret.” Reg looks down at the chronometer on the dash and nods. “Show me the way.”

The Cargo Speeder slowly approaches a slight incline at the foot of a mountain range. A slight ways up the incline, a tight pass between two mountains can clearly be seen. “You had me worried there for a minute, Gren,” Reg says, clearly relieved to see the pass. “I toldja boss, old smuggler’s secret,” Gren replies with a grin. Reg gives Gren a pat on the back, “Looks like you will be worth the money I’m paying you after all.” Gren just nods, and Reg guides the cargo speeder up the incline and into the pass. The pass is very tight and rocky, with sheer vertical walls. Reg tenderly guides the speeder through the pass, and the Stormtroopers in the back seem to be on high alert.

After a slight bend in the pass, Reg sees the wreckage of a landspeeder blocking the pass. He stops the speeder, and hops out of the cabin. One of the stormtroopers gets down and comes up to talk to him. After a short conversation, he motions to the other trooper, who gets off the bed of the speeder and joins him by the wreckage. As Reg opens the cab door to tell Gren to give them a hand, the wreckage explodes, sending the stormtroopers into the steep walls of the pass. The shockwave from the explosion knocks Reg off of his feet, and the world becomes a bit blurry for a few moments. As he begins to come to, he sees several swoops approaching from the direction they just came from. Dazed, he looks around a bit, before noticing that Gren is standing over him with a blaster pistol pointing at him. “Sorry boss, just business…” says Gren. Before Reg can manage to open his mouth for a response, Gren pulls the trigger, ending Reg’s life in a brief flash of red.

“Gren” ditches his overcoat, revealing a swoop rider’s leather vest beneath. On the back is the image of a Krayt Dragon’s skull. He waves at the approaching swoops, and their riders dismount near the back of the cargo speeder. “Good work, Coppo. Spikes will be very pleased,” says one of the riders, also wearing the same style vest. Answering his actual name, Coppo responds, “He better be, it took me weeks to gain this asshole’s trust. Let’s get this thing back to the hideout and see what kind of goodies we got, before the Imperials notice the missing shipment…”


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