Character Creation

Roll a set of 6 attribute scores by rolling 4D6 for each and dropping the lowest roll. If two (or more) tie for the lowest, reroll them until you have a singular low. Exception: If you roll four sixes or fives, count that as a 20. If you get four of any other number, count it as an 18 for that attribute.

Instead of the destiny system outlined in the core rulebook, we will be using the background system from page 16 of the Rebellion Era Sourcebook. (download it from the darcness page linked below)

Feel free to roll any race from the Saga rulebooks, but be aware that in the Rebellion era, being an alien will cause trouble for you on many worlds. No force sensitivity without previous approval. If there is a race you want to play that isn’t in one of the rulebooks, let me know and I’ll work with you to get a set of attributes etc for them.

We are beginning at level one.

Character Creation

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