Tag: NPC


  • Thanil Nalfion

    Thanil Nalfion is the captain and owner of the [[Whitepoint Star]], a Ghtroc Industries class 720 freighter. Originally, the ship belonged to [[Kaythia Corporation | Kaythia Corporation]], which provided shipping services throughout the outer rim. When …

  • Zell Darklighter

    An employee of [[Starforge Industries]] at their installation on planet Lok. His official title is Logistics Support Manager. He negotiated with the crew to deliver Jabba's cargo to the Rebel Alliance. He offered them 20,000 credits, a replacement quad …

  • Tahnos Neruba

    Tahnos Neruba is a former Imperial Officer and current Governor of Tatooine. Cunning and ruthless, he kick started a career in Imperial politics by running for Governor of Tatooine immediately after his retirement from the Imperial Navy.

  • Virnak

    Virnak is the co-pilot and mechanic of the [[Whitepoint Star]]. One of Captain [[:thanil-nalfion | Thanil Nalfion's]] closest friends, he has been a member of the crew longer than anyone else. He is known for working extremely slowly and meticulously, …

  • R4X1

    R4X1 is an R4 series astromech droid. He serves in various capacities on the [[Whitepoint Star | _Whitepoint Star_]]. He likes hot oil baths and NOT being stuffed full of frag grenades.

  • Alyna

    Nothing is known of this mysterious woman, yet.

  • Sardo Numspa

    Sardo Numspa was *born on Corellia*. The Numspas were a long line of noble lawmen and lawwomen and in keeping with family tradition Sardo *joined CorSec* at the age of sixteen. He graduated with the highest honors and made a name for himself working …

  • Gui Loknor

    Gui’lok’nori was born in Kromla the Hutt’s slave pens. He was a tough little kid and fought, bought, or murdered his way up every single rung of the food chain and eventually became Kromla’s palace quartermaster. As part of his new duties he was in …

  • Wiley, Space Coyote

    “Coyotes” are Shistavanen breed of scavengers reminiscent of common carrion pack animals found on thousands of different worlds. They are largely disregarded by the galaxy as useless runts, and most are. Wiley is a rare exception to the rule. Though …