Star Wars: Freelancers

Chapter One Prologue - Part Two
Part two of the Chapter One prologue

Chapter One – A Long Shadow

Prologue – Part Two of Two

Gang Hideout – Planet Tatooine

A cargo container pops open, and a Rodian wearing dark goggles peers inside. “[Another container of bacta!]” he says, speaking in his native tongue. “Put it over there with the rest,” replies a deep voice. The Rodian does as he is told, moving to grab a hover-jack to move the container. The issuer of the command is a tall man with blue skin, wearing a set of dark red armor, covered in spikes. His eyes are an intense red, matching the color of his armor. “Excellent work, Coppo,” Spikes says to the man who stole the cargo. “Jabba will be very happy with us.” Coppo looks slightly confused, replying, “Why? I mean bacta’s expensive, but this is like a grain of sand in the dune sea of HIS money.” Spikes shakes his head, answering, “It’s not about the money. It’s about sending a message to this new Governor we’ve got.” Coppo ahhs in understanding as Spikes continues, “He needs to understand that outside of the pretty paved streets of Bestine, Jabba still rules.” Coppo grins, nodding in agreement before replying, “Now if we could just figure out why the new governor is so determined to conquer Fort Tusken… We’d both be rich men.” Spikes shrugs, watching as the Rodian prepares to force open another Imperial container. “[I heard that he wants to impress Moff Spartin, and he’s just attacking Fort Tusken because he knows they’ll come defend it,]” says the Rodian, as he lights a plasma cutter. “So what, he just wants to wipe them out?” asks Coppo. “[That’s what I heard,]” replies the Rodian, cutting in to the lid of the container. “Either way, it’s definitely making him popular. Raider attacks have almost completely stopped since he started this little war, and people are feeling safer every day,” Coppo says. “Yeah well, we’ll see how they feel when he gives up. It’s not like he’s the first Governor to try and take Fort Tusken from the raiders. It’s like their holy land… you’d have to wipe them all out to take it, and he doesn’t have enough stormtroopers,” replies Spikes, with a cynical tone. Coppo nods, continuing the thought, “And he’ll have an even harder time without all of these medical supplies. Looks like this was supposed to be a field hospital. Bacta tank, bacta, surgery droid, it’s really got the whole 9 yards.” As he mentions each item, Coppo motions toward them. “Can’t wait to see the payday on this one,” he says…

Whitepoint Star – Granglier System

“Virnak, talk to me!” shouts Captain Nalfion from the bridge of the Whitepoint Star. “The hyperdrive issss out,” replies a voice through the comm panel, “The jump coilsss are burned out, we’ll need to get new onesss.” Thanil pounds a fist down on the console, before grabbing the controls and veering the ship sideways. “I don’t think our new friends here are going to be too keen on the idea of us setting back down on the planet, what about the backup?” he asks into the panel. “I am bringing the backup online now,” comes the reply, “give me a few minutesss.” As if on cue, the ship rocks with the impact of laser fire, and the captain gives it another sharp maneuver. “Thanil, this planet is close enough. It will only take us 3 days to get there on the backup hyperdrive, and we should be able to find new coils for the main hyperdrive,” says the Twi’lek seated near the captain. “Great!” he says, “now get back there and help Virnak get the backup online while we still have a ship left to escape in!” She punches a few buttons into the astrogation computer, so it will begun calculating a jump, then dashes out of the cockpit. The larger freighter continues to duck and weave, evading the fire of the two cloakshape fighters for a minute or two, before lining up and flashing out of sight, as it jumps to hyperspace…

Imperial Capitol Building – Bestine – Planet Tatooine

Governor Neruba stands behind his desk, looking out over Bestine through a very large window. He is a fairly tall, thin man, wearing the black uniform of an Imperial Governor. As he looks out over the city, a look of contempt crosses his face. He is interrupted by a knock at his door, and he turns around, sitting at his desk. “Come in,” he says, clearing the look from his face. A pretty young aide enters, carrying a data pad. “Sir, the latest reports from Base Foxtrot have arrived.” She frowns, continuing, “It looks like one of the shipments didn’t make it.” With that, she flips the data pad around, setting it on the desk in front of him. His faux-pleasant expression fades into a scowl as he reads the report. “Jabba,” he utters, the scowl on his face deepening. “Yes, sir. The Krayt skull graffiti found on the dead troopers’ armor belongs to a swoop gang that we know are enforcers for Jabba,” she explains. “Yes, I know,” he says with an eerie calmness. “Send another shipment, we need to be able to get the injured at Base Foxtrot back on their feet.” She nods, “Y-yes sir.” Clearly afraid of his underlying anger, she quickly retreats from the room. Before she reaches the door, he says, “Oh! And one more thing.” She stops, and slowly turns around, bracing herself for whatever angry words he is going to hurl at her. “Send it in a real convoy this time.” She blinks a few times, then nods, excusing herself from the room. Tahnos stands up, looking out the window once more. “One day soon, I’ll be done with this wretched rock, and all the disgusting creatures that inhabit it…”


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