Thanil Nalfion

Captain of the Whitepoint Star


Thanil Nalfion is the captain and owner of the Whitepoint Star, a Ghtroc Industries class 720 freighter. Originally, the ship belonged to Kaythia Corporation, which provided shipping services throughout the outer rim. When the company went under in 4BBY, Thanil had a friend in accounting delete all records of the ship, so it was no longer listed as an asset of the company. He’s been running an independent operation ever since, with various crew members coming and going throughout the years.

He is honorable and fiercely loyal to his crew. Some of the less scrupulous members of the crew have taken issue with his refusal of certain jobs in the past, but he feels as though no amount of credits are worth a tortured conscience.

He has avoided the politics of the Rebellion so far, saying that he doesn’t want to put his crew in danger by throwing in with those “malcontents”. Still, he seems to be sympathetic to their cause, taking great interest whenever he finds anti-Imperial publications or broadcasts.

Since the Imperial crackdown on freelancing crews started, the stress it is causing him has become visible on his features. He has become more irritable, and has been forced to take riskier (and more illegal) employment.

Thanil Nalfion

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