Leibo Trint

Female Twi'lek Soldier/Scoundrel


ABILITY SCORES (9,10,12,13,14,17)

STR – 10 0
DEX – 17 3
CON – 13 1
INT – 14 2
WIS – 10 0
CHA – 11 0

Racial Goodies:

WIS -2, CON +2
• Base speed = 6 squares
• May reroll Deception checks, but keep second result.
• Fort +2
• Natural resistance to toxins and illness.
• Low-Light Vision

*Languages: *

• Ryl, Basic, Huttese, and Shyriiwook


• Female Twi’lek (30 years old)
• 1.5 meters / 42.2kg
• Orange Skin w/ Blue Eyes
• Facial/Body Type: Korean+Mexican
• Athletic/Voluptuous
• Lekku have full length Circuitry Tattoos

Skills (+5 to all Trained):

  • Initiative (DEX)
  • Mechanics (INT)
  • Perception (WIS)
  • Pilot (DEX)
  • Use Computer (INT)
  • Climb (STR)
  • Endurance (CON)
  • Jump (STR)
  • Knowledge: Tactics (INT)
  • Swim (STR)
  • Treat Injury (WIS)
  • Survival (WIS)

Casual leibo small

Lei’bo’trint was born on her homeworld of Ryloth. At the age of three her father sold her to slavers who then sold her to Kromla the Hutt. She was put with the rest of the children in Kromla’s service corp. She cooked and cleaned until she began to blossom. At the age of 10 Leibo Trint (her name butchered for the comfort of future customers’ comfort) started training as a dancer but all the time she spent around Spacers and Scoundrels had helped her develop her naturally quick wit and sharp tongue. After a week of talking back Leibo was saved from the whip by one of Kromla’s Court Advisors who noticed in passing that this little girl was cursing out her Mistress in no less than three different languages. The following day she was reassigned as the new Court Interpreter and underwent formal instruction in Basic and Huttese. Despite her new status and respectable role Leibo was still dressed like a slave girl.

Many years later while travelling with her master the Hutt lost her in a high stakes Bitdadeela game to a scrawny no-name Wookie. That same night her new master, Ramarac, freed her. At first Leibo was terrified. She was 16 years old and had never been on her own before. Slavery was no picnic but she had no money, no ID, and was barely clothed. Ramarac’s heart broke seeing beautiful young woman so terrified of her own freedom. He offered to help her get on her feet and teach her a thing or two about the galaxy. When she was ready Leibo was free to go where the Force took her.

Leibo became fluent in Shyriiwook in less than a year. She in turn taught Ramarac how to read Lekku sign language and they used a combination of the two to communicate privately whenever they got the chance. Shortly after finding each other they both got hired onto a freighter crew. There they worked and kept each other safe all the while Ramarac taught his young apprentice everything he knew. In time he became the ship’s engineer and she trained with the crew’s security team (a group of surly old retired CorSec grunts).

By the time Leibo was 20 she could hold her own in a firefight. She’d also become a brilliant mechanic who had a particular flare for systems integration. Ramarac was always inventing new gadgets for Leibo to build and the security boys routinely brought her blasters to tweak and modify. As a birthday present he presented her with set of incredibly complex blueprints designed just for her. It was a project he intended for her to spend many years building and perfecting. A horizon for her to reach. Later that night their ship was boarded by the Empire while making a delivery. The captain and his closest cohorts were arrested for smuggling. When Ramarac tried to stand up for his captain he was gunned down by Imperial Stormtroopers.

Leibo felt something break insider her in that moment.

The Imperial Officer that led the Stormtroopers saw the look in her eyes and confronted her. Time seem to slow down and the sound around her faded into whispers compared to the sound of her own heart beating in her ears. She tried to look away but the Officer got right up in her face and grabbed her jaw and forced her to make eye contact. The moment they’re eyes met her vision flashed red, the beating heart froze, and the world fell into a defining silence. When it was finally too much Leibo blinked and the world came rushing back around her. Mere inches from her face was that of the human who had been screaming at her. Yet he remained silent. His face frozen in an expression of terror, not rage. Another endless moment passed by before Leibo realized she was holding her breath. She let out the long expended gulp of air she’d been holding onto and unclenched her fists, all the while maintaining eye contact with the human before her. The very instant her body let go of its tension the Officer sucked air in desperately and quickly steeled himself before his men could detect weakness of any kind. He let go of Leibo’s chin came back up to his full height and spun on his heel. “We’re done here, Sergeant. Prepare to discharge this pile of rust immediately,” the Officer rasped.

Their ship was released from the Star Destroyer’s launch bay with all due haste. Leibo was the only one left onboard who had any pilot training and quickly plotted a course to the Outer Rim. The moment they were in hyperspace she put the ship into auto pilot and retreated to her rack where she cried for the rest of the day. The next day they ported in Mos Eisley. The oldest of the CorSec boys, Garath, took command of the ship. He begged Leibo to stay on and take Ramarac’s place as engineer but it was just too painful.

A month went by and Leibo has all over town doing odd jobs for the locals. Every once in a while she’d get into trouble but it was nothing she couldn’t handle. Then, one day, she wondered into the Cantina. She knew better than to go into that place but she was so thirsty. As she approached the bar the color seemed to drain from the world until only a single person, an elderly human male, retained color. Leibo knew better than to stumble about wide-eyed so she casually strolled up to the stranger and took the stool next to his. “I’ll have what he’s having,” she said in Huttese as she flicked her chin at the bar tender.

“Why, hello there, young lady,” the old man said politely, “what is it I can do for you?”

“I… I don’t know exactly. Do you know me? I mean, there is something so familiar about you and I can’t seem to put my finger on it.” Leibo tried to make eye contact but the old man just stared off into nothingness over her shoulder. Assuming he was probably blind, most humans were that grew that old on Tatooine, she just stared at her drink. The poor old guy was probably thinking she was just another prostitute preying on a lonely old geezer.

He let out a little chuckle and put a leathery hand gently on her knee. “I’m flattered you think so little of me, young lady. Most of the locals are weary of humans my age who travel alone around here. It’s actually refreshing being harmless for a change.”

Leibo’s heart skipped a beat. Did… he just… hear her thoughts?

“Perhaps,” he nodded to her shoulder, “most people don’t realize their hearts and minds are practically screaming to be heard.”

It was then that it dawned on her what was happening. “Wait a minute, are you…” Leibo’s head whipped up from staring at the bar to find the old man’s ocean blue eyes locking onto her own. For a brief moment she was terrified but that melted away into a source-less wave of serenity.

“No, my dear, I am not. I am just a kind old man who bought you a drink and volunteered to listen to your sorrows.” The sound of his voice had a kind of pressure to it. His words crisp, almost enough to cut with.

Leibo’s mind felt like it was starting to fog over but then her heart let loose a thunderous beat that chases those clouds away. Left in their place was a ferocious curiosity and mild indignation at having her mind toyed with. She stared right back into his eyes and did a little pushing of her own.

His eyes went wide with surprise and he smiled gently. “Your thoughts give you away, Miss Trint, and you too are not what you appear,” he grimaced as he pulled two credit chips from this pocket and set them on the bar. He gathered up his dirty brown robes as he stood. He pulled his hood over his wrinkled face as he headed for the door.

Leibo took one last sip from her drink and chased after him. She caught up to him at the door and grabbed his arm, “Hey!”

He looked over his shoulder and half glared at her from behind his hood. “In another age we would have had a very different conversation. Alas, these are dark times. Men and women like us are not only unwelcome, we are hunted. Your thoughts and feelings give you away. Burry them deep, Lei’bo’trint.” The use of her birth name and the sincerity in his voice was sobering and she let go of his arm. “The tide is about to change,” he almost whispered as he stared off into nothingness again, “and I have business to attend to. I cannot help you. Forget you ever met me. Forget what you think you know and you may live a long and fruitful life,” his expression softened a bit as his eyes focused on hers again, “If, however, it is truly your destiny to go down this path… there are a few others like myself who can help guide you. In either case you need to get off of Tatooine immediately.” The old man gestured to a booth at the far end of the Cantina. “Those men are hiring for a freelance freighter crew. They have an opening you would be most suited for,” he grinned, “I’d hesitate to say they are honorable men but they will take good care of you.”

Leibo turned to see where the old man had gestured to. Sure enough there sat a stereotypical starship captain and his first mate interviewing a fat Duros, probably for a pilot’s position. She turned back to the old man to find him searching his robes and smiling when he found what he was looking for. He gestured for her to hold out her hand. She did as requested and was given a small purple gemstone unlike anything she’d ever seen before.

“Tha…thank you… but I hardly know you. I don’t even know your name,” Leibo hesitated.

“Ben. My name is Ben. Keep that little stone safe, young lady. I have a feeling you may be needing it someday.”

Leibo nodded and tucked the little gem away as she nodded goodbye to old Ben. She took one deep breath to regain her composure and spun around to go introduce herself to the freighter captain.

To Be Continued….

Leibo’ RIG

After Leibo’s liberation from slavery she chose to apprentice under her Wookie savior as a mechanic and electrician. Like most of his race Ramarac was quite the engineer and inventor and he taught Leibo everything she knows. The day of his death she vowed she would endeavor to put to use all that she was taught so that she might honor him. This led to the decade long process of creating the “Ramarac Integrated Gearsuit”:

1. RIG Bodysuit – Provide the usual +4 Defense bonus but suffers from a higher ACP of -3 due to the integrated electronics. Installed into the lower back of the suit is the RIG’s Power Core (a modified Recharger). Along the spine of the suit is a daisy chain of miniature bacta tanks. These tanks are connected to a distribution device integrated into the Core (BDN: bacta distribution node) and is designed to send small amounts of bacta to open wounds as they are detected by the suit. The suit itself has its own independent droid brain (integrated in the BDN) that is connected to a network of Synth-nerve microfibers that the BDN monitors. If a part of the network is broken, and injury is detected by way of iron in the blood interacting with the Synth-nerves, bacta is sent through a sister network of tubules to the location of the injury. Unfortunately Leibo hasn’t yet figured out how to get the suit to automatically recognize burns yet and attempts to connect the BDN to her WC so far have been disastrous.

RIG’s voice and personality pretty much match GLaDOS from Portal.

Leibo backpack

2. HUD Gear – A set of multifunction goggles mounted to her Twi’lek Headgear that are attached to a small robotic arm. Leibo can manually pull them down into place or do so remotely from her Wrist Computer.

Leibo hud

3. Wrist Computer – Attached to the left wrist is a miniature multi-configurable personal computer. It includes a qwerty keyboard and a flip-open screen that can flip around and close again to become a 3D holo touch pad. In the event she is arrested or captured the WC has a small self-destruct feature that she can activate either by passcode or verbal command.

Leibo computer

4. I/O Pouch – Attached to the left thigh is a mounted plate disguised as a pouch. Inside are three mechanical spools of wire with quick disconnect heads. Inside the walls of the pouch is a variety of connectors that include basic and advanced computer interfaces as well as a few connectors one would normally see come out of your average Astrodroid. Leibo routinely updates the pouch with new or recently used adaptors.

Leibo i opouch

Leibo rig suit

Leibo Trint

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