Star Wars: Freelancers

Episode Two - Dark Evidence

Star Wars: Freelancers

Chapter One: A Long Shadow

Episode Two: Dark Evidence

While waiting on Mon Gazza for their ship’s new identity, the crew receives a panicked message from Mon Mothma. An alliance base has been attacked by an unknown Imperial weapon, and presumably been captured. The crew is told to rendezvous with Kyle Katarn and assist him in his mission to investigate the attack, and prevent the Imperials from recovering any Rebel secrets from the base.

The crew gathered equipment for the mission and loaded up in Katarn’s ship, the Moldy Crow. They approached from the far side of the planet Talay, setting down on an abandoned fishing city. Kyle’s co-pilot Jan remained with the Moldy Crow while the crew loaded into a Sorosuub submersible water speeder, heading at once for Tak Base.

On approach to the base, the crew spotted two Sentinel-class heavy landers, guarded by E-Web emplacements. They deployed their floating equipment platform, ready to jam the Imperial’s communications at a moment’s notice. The speeder docked with an old maintenance airlock several levels below the waterline, allowing the crew to slip into the base unnoticed. The crew lined the abandoned lower levels with explosives, preparing to sink it and take any rebel secrets to the bottom of the ocean with it.

They used an old access ladder to climb up to the active levels of the base, emerging in what used to be housing for the Mon Calamari technicians that manned the shipyard. They found dead bodies everywhere, brutally slaughtered by very heavy blaster fire. Where the weapon fire struck walls, small lines of molten metal seem to have run down below them, indicating a blaster producing much hotter projectiles.

Leibo found a datapad on the body of a dead technician indicating that two of the Mon Calamari Corvettes being produced by the shipyard were ready for spaceflight, lacking only in turbolasers. The shipment of turbolasers was nearly a week past due, with no indication as to why. The crew peered out over the shipyard and noticed that one of the indicated corvettes was missing. A plan was made to secure the spaceworthy corvette by attacking the two landers, possibly even capturing them.

Leibo and Isan made for the corvette while Dane and Vehelik attacked one of the landers. Anduril and Kyle Katarn provided overwatch from higher up in the city. As they reached the command center of the base, they discovered that turbolift doors had been torn open seemingly by giant arms, and a massive blaster cannon was lodged in a control panel. Anduril and Kyle were able to get it loose by working together. With no time to look it over, they activated the twenty minute timer on the explosives below, and then remotely activated the jamming platform.

A heavy firefight ensued, between the crew and the stormtroopers occupying the base. The crews of both landers were overrun, while Leibo and Isan managed to secure the prototype corvette, taking two captives in the process: a stormtrooper, and an Imperial intelligence officer. Anduril crashed one of the landers into the central part of the floating city to crush some of the stormtroopers firing on Dane, who was securing the other lander. He managed to keep the lander airborne, though, shearing off the bay door and ramp in the process.

Dane secured the crew of the undamaged lander, while Kyle brought down the mysterious weapon they found in the command center. They lifted off, fired upon the city, and made for orbit. Out of the range of the jammer, the crews decided to rendezvous in deep space, away from the planet…



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