Star Wars: Freelancers

Episode One - A New Beginning

A new beginning for the crew of the Whitepoint Star...

Star Wars: Freelancers

Chapter One: A Long Shadow

Episode One: A New Beginning

While waiting for the Imperials to inspect the ship, the crew decided to open one of the cargo containers and inspect it’s contents. The container they opened contained several tanks of stolen Imperial military-grade bacta. They quickly devised a plan to stash the tanks in a hidden smuggler’s hold, and filled the original container with various material which matched the falsified manifest provided by Jabba’s lieutenant.

After scanning the ship, the Imperial Customs Corvette announced it would be boarding, and sent over a party consisting of a single Naval officer and several stormtroopers. While a few stormtroopers searched the ship, Anduril attempted to nonchalantly lean against one of the containers, as if trying to prevent it from being opened. Naturally this was the container that the officer decided to inspect, and he opened it, discovering that the contents matched the manifest. After he decided to inspect another container, Sean talked him out of it. The stormtrooper’s search of the ship found nothing but a small container of illicit spice, which the officer threw on the ground. Satisfied, the officer and his stormtroopers began to depart. Suddenly, the Interdictor fell under Rebel attack, and the Whitepoint Star quickly fled the area.

After a short journey to the Lok system, the crew set down at a pirate stronghold in order to seek out the recipient of Jabba’s cargo. They found someone at a cantina outside the stronghold who knew where the recipient was, but would only take the crew there in exchange for transportation off of the desolate planet. During this time, several gamorreans started a fight with other members of the crew, and a full-on firefight ensued. After defeating their attackers, the crew retreated to the ship and took off for an installation on the other side of the planet. As the cantina burned, the pirates turned their turrets on the fleeing ship, but were unable to land any shots. The few fighters they were able to scramble in response did not reach the Whitepoint Star before it crossed into the airspace of the installation hey were fleeing to, so they broke off their pursuit and returned to their stronghold.

After announcing that they were bearing cargo for Zell Darklighter, two IRD-A Superiority Fighters escorted the Whitepoint Star to a small corporate research facility belonging to StarForge Industries. Zell met with the captain and crew, inspecting the contents of the cargo hold. He asked the crew to deliver the cargo to the Rebel Alliance, in exchange for a sizable sum of credits and a replacement for the blaster turret which had been sold off. After some discussion, the crew agreed to his terms. The crew stayed overnight while one of their members was healed in a bacta tank, and StarForge techs helped the crew install a quad blaster cannon turret on the Whitepoint Star. Zell did not know where the Rebels were, but knew of a contact on the planet Sullust. StarForge also provided the crew with a full tank of fuel and restocked their food stores before the ship departed their facility.

After an uneventful trip to the planet Sullust, the crew split up to search for the Rebel contact. The Captain and co-pilot were asking north of the port, and were directed to someone who turned out to be an Imperial Intelligence Officer. The Captain was arrested and the co-pilot was shot during the ensuing firefight. After being treated at a hospital, Virnak and the crew decided that getting arrested or having the ship impounded would not help the captain break free of Imperial custody, so they took off to rendezvous with a Rebel convoy at the planet Derra IV. As they ran toward the ship, they spotted some stormtroopers speaking to the dockmaster. The stormtroopers ordered them to halt, and immediately opened fire when the crew didn’t. The crew blasted one stormtrooper and took off, evading a pack of TIE fighters sent to stop them.

En route to Derra IV, the ship experienced a hyperdrive malfunction, and landed on a small remote world to seek repairs. The people of this world were very hospitable, but did not have to required repair part. While waiting the several days it would take for a supply ship to arrive with the part, the crew investigated the damage to the ship. It appeared as though it could only have been a deliberate act of sabotage. A thorough sweep of the ships computers and droids revealed nothing helpful, as if whatever program initiated this thoroughly scrubbed the logs and removed any remaining bits of itself from the computer banks. The crew also decided to investigate the cargo given to them by StarForge, opening the cargo containers. Inside they found very specific items tailored for an icy world, including airspeeder retrofit kits, grappling cables, and an ionizing coil for a planetary ion cannon. There was also general military-grade weaponry for the Rebels. Unsure of what to make of this, the crew closed up the containers, and patiently waited for the replacement part to come in. Once installed, they were able to leave the planet, making the short jump to the Derra system just hours after the rendezvous time.

Upon arriving at Derra IV, the crew discovered that a massive debris field was all that remained of the Rebel convoy. A search of the wreckage revealed that absolutely nothing remained, and only a raw metal junker would be able to extract anything of value from it. A radio contact from the surface was revealed to be Stohn Jeveson, a Rebel Officer. The crew landed at his site, a former storage cache for the Rebellion. The crew agreed to give him transportation to the Rebel base at Hoth, where they would also deliver the cargo from StarForge Industries. After packing up what meager communication gear and supplies were left, the crew quickly departed the planet, before the Imperials could have a chance to give the planet another sweep.

After a complicated series of jumps designed to prevent any tracking, the Whitepoint Star arrived at the planet Hoth, home to the secret Rebel base. Upon landing, Mon Mothma and Princess Leia Organa were waiting in the hangar bay to hear Stohn’s account of what happened to the convoy…



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