Star Wars: Freelancers

Adventure 1.5 Log

In a meeting with Mon Mothma, the crew was thanked for bringing their officer home, and offered work as freelancers, working for the Rebellion on a case-by-case basis. The crew agreed (some more reluctantly than others), and was informed that they are wanted by the Empire for their actions on Sullust. Mon Mothma told them that the nearby shadowport on Mon Gazza has the equipment needed to retrofit the Whitepoint Star with a new identity, so that they might travel freely. Virnak, the former captain’s first mate, informed the rest of the crew that he’d be staying on Hoth in order to join with the Rebellion. Begrudgingly, Leibo took command of the Whitepoint Star.

After collecting payment for their services, and a small retainer fee, the Star departed Hoth, bound for Mon Gazza. Setting down in the shadowport of Minerstown, they sought out the services of someone capable of generating a new identity for the Star. After a day of making contacts and rubbing elbows, the crew found a Toydarian by the name of Gruzzo, who informed the crew that he could make the necessary modifications. The price was high, and it would take several weeks, but the crew agreed that this is a small price to pay to not have Imperials chasing them down everywhere they travel.

Once that matter was settled, the crew began seeking out a new pilot. They made contact with a friendly Sullustan named Isan in a dive bar, who claimed to be quite the pilot. After sharing a strange green beverage, the crew collectively began to see a green dragon, who encouraged them to drink more of the beverage. A raucous night ensued, with the crew (at the dragon’s behest) tracking down a warehouse where large quantities of the beverage were stored. After breaking in and stealing a pallet of bottles of the drink, the crew began to head back to the ship, treasure in hand. Before they could leave, the dragon convinced Anduril to fire upon the stills where the drink was distilled. The warehouse/distillery went up in a massive fire, gutting the structure, and (hopefully) concealing any evidence that the crew was there. The crew returned to the ship, celebrating by drinking even more of the green liquid. The party lasted long into the night, and everyone wound up falling asleep extremely drunk…



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